This Is How Podio Is Done!

Discover Podio’s True Potential To Help Drive
Your Business

Custom Podio Code

Struggling to get that calculation field to show the right data or that flow to work correctly? We can help you debug and rework your set up.

Next Level Automation

If you can imagine it, the chances are, we can do it. With Podio Workflow Automation (PWA - Formally Globiflow) we can really help you unlock every bit of potential Podio has to offer and yes, there is a lot!

Integrate With ProcFu

ProcFu is a game changer. Only want your team to see specifc information in your Podio or update specifc fields? With ProcFu we can do that and much much more!

Connect to Third Party Apps

Another great feature of Podio is the ability to connect to almost any third party app that has an API. We can help you connect with ones you are already using so you can keep everything in one place.

Why Choose Us

Using a combination of Podio, PWA, and ProcFu along with connecting with other third-party apps the possibilities to enhance your business are endless. Use your time and employee’s time more efficiently with carefully thought out automation.

Flexible Pricing

We have a pricing structure to suit all sizes from small start-ups that need some quick but effective systems and automation in place to larger businesses looking to take it to the next level.

What Customers Are Saying

Clint Backus

"Martin was very helpful with the amount of knowledge and experience he has in setting up automated Podio systems. He has taken our system and integrated calling, texting, emailing, automated contract creation (PDF), cost allocations, KPIs, quickbooks integration, RightSignature, and many other various multi-workflows. Martin made sure the job was done properly and even has been supporting minor tweaks and modifications after the initial project delivery. WONDERFUL person to work with!"

Shawn Terry

"Martin is a fantastic resource for Procfu and Podio. I learned a lot and working with him was very easy. I have more projects on the horizon for him. If you need help with Podio or Podio+all the ways you can connect to it, I highly recommend having a meeting with him."

Aolany Gonzalez

"really took the time to understand my needs and he was very thorough to make sure we were all on the same page. He delivered exactly what I needed in time and with great communication throughout the order."